The 50 most influential Bloggers in Spain in 2021

The 50 most influential Bloggers in Spain in 2021. Hello, it is the first time that I write for the marketing and web blog and I have had a great challenge to write the most influential Bloggers in Spain in 2021 according to the following 5 categories: Marketing, Fashion, Health, Gastronomy and Travel ; where the influence on its different channels will be taken into account, mainly the blog and social networks, and various tools will be used to prepare the ranking.

The urgency

In addition, We return to the beginning, human beings are motivated more by the negative than by the positive. In addition, a sales process, the fear of loss is usually stronger than the desire to buy. Especially when an irresistible desire to purchase is not generated because there is an overabundance of supply. It is difficult to imagine cases similar to the launch of an Apple product. Thousands of fans camp out at night and spend hours top people data trying to be the first to buy the new model. They are so irresistible that they make their users unable to wait a few weeks.

Vintage Collage

vintage collage: It is one of the most viewed blogs in Spain. The author of the blog is Sara Escudero. In addition, within the content presented, it shows fresh, unique and detailed looks. I have really loved its presence on social networks and it also has a large digital community. On Instagram, with about 756 thousand followers. In addition, on its Facebook Fan Page, about 493 thousand Phone Lead  likes. . Therefore, on Pinterest it has about 13 thousand followers and on Twitter with about 51.2 thousand followers.

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