Common SEO mistakes that you should avoid Online visibility!

Common SEO, Not being an expert in SEO , or not knowing any of Google’s animals in person. Does not excuse you from making simple beginner mistakes that can be penalized and make us fall far behind in the search engines. Losing this great race for Online Visibility . The Internet giant is on a mission to offer the best possible search experience and will surely continue to improve its algorithm to make it almost impossible to game with it. But this is a case study for SEO professionals. Not for mere mortals like us. For this reason and following the path traced by the previous posts -in this saga- on online presence and visibility ( The attraction of a mention / Ideas for web content ) we are going to take a look at the common SEO or typical web positioning.

Have repeated content

Common SEO, The content has to be unique, that is. Authentically ours. Copying third top people data -party content – no matter how high-quality it is and/or mentions the author – if it is a common habit. It will greatly harm our SEO positioning . In the same way. Duplicating your own entries or repeating parts of our articles in others (especially if they are at the beginning and end of each post) will be taken by Google as a copy or repetition of content. Penalizing -that post- in the search positions. 2. Uninteresting posts or articles (poor quality) We must try to provide original information that can add value or be of quality to our readers. An entry on our blog or website that does not arouse the interest of our visitors will increase our bounce rate. That is, the visits will have a short duration.

Uninteresting posts or articles

Keywords are the terms for which we want to position ourselves in searches. Not having Phone Lead these keywords well defined or using them without a logical criterion will harm us in positioning. The ideal is to have good judgment in choosing these key terms – if you are just starting out. It is better if they are key phrases – on which we are interested in positioning ourselves. So that it is easier for us to be able to locate them naturally throughout the post. It is advisable not to abuse the use of keywords (+/- 5% of the total number of words) so that Google does not interpret it as unnatural or forced and penalize us for it. 4. Content with little text As we have already talked about in the previous article “ SEO positioning for newbies”. We must keep in mind.

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