Phone Lead job function email list The footprint of your brand

The footprint of your brand

The footprint, The power and knowing how to build our personal brand on the Internet is almost essential and can help us in the difficult task of generating and maintaining a greater and better online presence and visibility over time. We have already seen how a blog can help you at work (online resume). The attractive power of mentions and some ideas to generate good content. All this. Added to a little judgment and taking into account some basic SEO factors that can improve our positions in search engines. Will surely increase or improve our visibility on the Internet. But. This online presence will not have sufficient quality to continue or last over time if we do not manage to build it on a solid foundation or personal brand Personal Branding .

If I pass and leave no trace, why do I pass?

The footprint, This phrase was one of the ones that has most marked my work or professional life. Although the first time I heard email database it was when I worked at Coche Naranja a few years ago. To this day I am still not very sure of its true author. But the fact is that that did not stop this phrase from being a great inspiration in many of my decisions to date ( my blog tries to be a great example of this). So. If we do not give it that personal touch that leaves its mark on the blog. The content we generate, the activity we usually carry out on social networks. Or in general all those small or big things that we do in our daily life online . We will not go beyond being one more – another among many – that may end up being diluted in this great and competitive sea that is the internet.

Position yourself as a leader

You can’t be an expert in everything. And the more specific we are. The more relevant we will be on the web. People will be able to enjoy Phone Lead the depth of our knowledge and associate us as leaders in certain fields. Niches or sectors. Giving greater value to our opinion. On these topics. When debated online. Be yourself Nobody likes to hang out. Even on social media. With someone who wastes time proving themselves to be something they are not. People want to know your true professional opinion. But they will also realize that you are a unique and complete person if you let them see your more human side. Let your true self shine! Once again. Online and offline communication are not that different. When your brand building is underway.

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