Online visibility! The power of attraction of a mention

Online visibility, Social media or social media Marketing can not only help you improve positioning (SEO) and your online presence. But at the same time it will give you more visibility and increase the traffic quota on your business or professional website or blog. Issues These together collaborate closely and directly in obtaining greater personal or professional notoriety. Which will favor the success of any of our projects. Developing a socially active online community . With strong ties (or chains) that encourage engagement . Around our brand (personal or business). That can help us achieve both individual and group objectives. In the medium and long term. Will be our best bet for the future. But. For all this to happen. The first thing you must have.

One of these ways to attract attention, and which we will talk about below,

Online visibility, Sooner or later, many will follow me because of who I am, by affinity. By chance or email contact list perhaps simply because they are there and are looking for or need someone to follow. But others the vast majority. Will do so thanks to my work and/or the quality content that I contributed and share on my networks. The influence of a mention on social networks Do you mention when sharing? At this point you will wonder again what power of attraction these mentions have . Well. It is obvious and widely understood by everyone on the network that a potential follower must know your name or username. Above all. Have access to it in order to follow you or connect with you. So. It’s not just enough to sit around waiting for them to accidentally find my profile.

The influence of a mention on social networks Do you mention when sharing?

Many times it is better for your content to be  recommended or shared by third Phone Lead parties than to present or compete for it yourself (self-aggrandizement) . A recommendation – about our content – made by another user.
Even more so if it is someone influential or trusted. May have a greater impact or obtain a better reception among the members of any community. Giving us greater “power of attraction . ” Now that we have understood the power of attraction of a mention. You will think why it speaks or also relates it to influence? And the answer is quite simple: by spreading your recommendations of your own or third-party content. They will be helping you to obtain ” through mentions” more visibility spreading your name or social username.

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