How to attract more online visits to our hotel

How to attract, Inevitably, professionals who are dedicated to online marketing. Therefore, or more specifically to social media marketing in tourism. Must provide or find all the possible means that provide that extra – in positioning. Traffic and visibility – that attracts more online visits to our hotels and their Web pages. Social networks have become one of the best tools that we can. Therefore, and should. Have at our disposal to facilitate these purposes. Although there are businessmen who already know this. And act accordingly. here are still too many hotels or tourist compnies that justify not having a presence on any social platform with arguments such as: fear of negative reactions (comments or criticism) from their target audience.. The lack of knowledge -of some managers.

How to get more traffic in tourism and hospitality?

How to attract, In the past, and for some years. Having a website for most tourism companies was job function email list seen as a true luxury object – only available to large hotel chains and/or business holdings. Therefore,  then it was preferred to leave all this online flow of possible new opportunities (sales or reservations) in the hands of travel agencies or OTAs. Therefore, even though this meant leaving – in the form of commissions – a large part of the business along the way. But, deep down. If we analyze it calmly and carefully. We will see that they are almost the same negative or counterarguments that are used today when talking about marketing on social networks. Time has passed. And today it is almost unthinkable that we can find a small. Medium or large hotel (or tourism in general) company.

Conclusions (attract more online visits to our hotel)

So, this is where I think the key to all this is. In being able to find a way – for us professionals in the sector – to email database make this networked social environment and its marketing techniques attractive enough (in terms of economic benefits) . Therefore, or information and data) and easy to decipher or understand for everyone. Even the most skeptical.
As happened in its day with the websites. Conclusions (attract more online visits to our hotel) Any activity that a hotel develops on social networks. Especially if it is correctly planned and carried out. Will provide a greater flow of visitors to its website. Therefore,  is criticism dangerous or is it really a great opportunity. Comments and criticisms online. On the websites or social networks of the hotel industry are seen more and more.

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