Lead ads generating leads on Facebook and Linkedin

Effective sales of products and services require entrepreneurs and marketers to conduct well-thought-out activities – especially advertising. The answer to this need are lead ads campaigns that can be run on Facebook and Linkedin and work great primarily in the B2B sector. In today’s article, we answer the question of what they are and why it is worth acquiring leads using them.

Did you know that Facebook and Linkedin are the two most popular social media platforms used by marketing departments to acquire customers? 1 There are as many as 8 million active advertising

What are lead ads

Lead ads Phone Lead are advertisements that allow advertisers to collect information about potential customers, without redirecting them to the company website or a specially prepared landing page. They are also called lead ads. Marketers and entrepreneurs most often use Facebook lead ads and Linkedin lead ads in their everyday activities.

In this format, traffic from the campaign is not directed directly to the landing page where the recipient is supposed to fill out an advertising form. The user provides his/her data (usually name, surname and e-mail address, but also telephone number) when clicking on the advertising creation.

Advantages of using lead ads for B2B

automatic Phone Lead data collection using Facebook lead ads and Linkedin lead ads allows you to eliminate the risk that the user could make a mistake (e.g. a typo) when entering data – even due to simple inattention or the dictionary on the phone – and thus cause the acquired contact to be lost. would become worthless;
Using lead ads allows you to shorten the user path, which positively translates into campaign conversions. Instead of an additional step in the form of going to the website, just click the action button in the native Facebook or Linkedin form and automatically send the advertiser’s

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