Social Proof for Bloggers Testimonials and Ratings

With this post I finish the series on Social Proof for Bloggers by telling you two new types: Testimonials and Ratings and how to apply them on your Blog / Website. Happy 2015! How could the post not start like this? There are those who say that 2014 has been a very bad year and that they hope that 2015 will be better. For me, 2014 has been the year in which everything changed thanks to the birth of Marina . I am already “a father” and that is carried inside, it changes you inside, it fills you. But, still, I also hope that 2015 is better and I also want to wish you that 2015 is better for you , regardless of how 2014 was. That’s why I went, I went to the fountain in my town and I threw a coin for you. Hey, yes! Not “by everyone I know” or “by everyone who reads me.” I threw it away for you. And if you don’t believe it, come and see.

There are also those who say something like

Maybe it’s true, maybe not. It all depends on how you look at it. For example, here on my blog, do you think everything remains the same? Do you notice anything different? Is it true that you notice enough changes to feel that “touch of refreshment” but not so drastic as to think that perhaps you industry email list have chosen the wrong blog? Well that was my intention! Yes! I have fulfilled one of my goals for 2015!: I have changed the theme . How about? Well, let’s get down to business because I want to talk to you about migration in another post, because there are “crumbs” to tell. But today it’s time to end the series on Social Proof. Remember that I started it with this post and continued talking about Numbers and Experts .

Testimonials as a form of Social Proof.

As I already told you in the first post of the series, a testimonial is nothing more than another person’s story in relation to how they achieved benefit A thanks to product or service B. As you can see, we are facing a quite powerful cocktail since it combines storytelling (who doesn’t like stories?) with success (who doesn’t like success). On a website it is a very powerful (and very popular) marketing element Phone Lead because we see how the product or service in front of us has helped normal people achieve what we are looking for. Do you get the ingredients? They have to be normal, real people and their story must be told , from what problem they had to how they found this option (product or service we sell) and how it helped them achieve their goal.

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