Real marketing stories

As professionals we tend to offer our services by describing their benefits, the value proposition for our audience, methodology, etc. This is the correct way, but on many occasions we forget that our services do not come from us, but from our clients. About their circumstances, their professional and personal context,… a lot of intangibles that we don’t know until we start working with them. That’s why I want to write this article, to tell real . Astories from real people, like you and me. But before moving on to the stories I wanted to make a little reflection. Mentoring is a path we walk together.   As a marketing mentor.  I am the person .  Who will guide you along the way, the one who has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. 

Total trust, personalization and involvement

Like all relationships, mentoring is based on mutual trust. It is something.   That begins to be built from the previous meetings and that little by little becomes more category email list solid. And of course, it is the pillar on which mentoring is based. As a mentor, I must give you the best advice (what I would give to myself or my family), and as a mentor you must trust that this is the case, to apply it to your business. There is nothing.   More difficult to imitate than the relationship between two people And as such a relationship, my.  Aadvice, methodology, processes, etc. Everything must be 100% personalized for each case . 

Tactical execution is what validates the strategy

The basis of a company’s success is defining the appropriate strategy for each case, but without correct tactical implementation Phone Lead it remains a dead letter. You already know that “paper holds everything”. We need to have a clear process and control mechanisms that allow us to implement the strategy and validate it based on real results. From this moment is when we take the necessary corrective actions to adjust it. In my mentoring we work on two levels in parallel: strategy and tactics. On the one hand we are defining and on the other, optimizing daily activity. From the beginning we obtain tactical improvements and as we advance in both areas, they converge. We implement the strategy and incorporate tactical

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