Social Proof for Bloggers Numbers and Recommendations

In this post I tell you two forms of Social Proof and how we can apply or promote them on our blog. We talk about numbers and recommendations. Hello again! How about that jaw and throat workout for grapes? Surely you are already going for “guru level”. Amos, with the first bell you finish off everyone and the rest of the time to clown around and make the others laugh and not be able to finish. TRUE? Be careful that if someone chokes… It already happened to me once and don’t start the year off in fear.

Social Proof based on numbers

ne of the most used and seen examples is based on numbers, trying to convey the message that many people have already taken a certain action . This technique is based on the power of the group and the greater the number of people who have chosen an option, the more likely it is that you will repeat it or decide on it. Of course, now you come and top industry data tell me no, that if everyone jumped off a bridge, you wouldn’t do it . Damn no. Okay, not at first. That the first thing you would do would be to walk around the street in “balls,” try on all the clothes in the stores and leave them “stuttered” on the floor. You would go to the supermarket and eat all the Oreos, but only the cookie on one side… fuck the cream and the other side. Yeah? Would you also fill a Jacuzzi with milk to see if Cleopatra’s story was true? Well, that too!

Number of subscribers

Many bloggers include a line or base their subscription form . Copy on the number of subscribers they already have. A message like . Join a community of more than 10,000 subscribers” or “Register, we are already more than 3,000 people” are clear examples of persuasion based on Social Proof. Number of followers on Social Networks. Another example Phone Lead that is on the agenda is the number of subscribers. Isn’t it true that it is a clear sign of the influence or journey of a person (or profile . We could say). Or don’t you follow a person, almost automatically, when you see that 30,000 people follow them . Therefore, as you can see in this blog, including a widget where the number .  Of followers of your social profiles appears can help those numbers increase . By the way, the one I use is called Sossy .

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