Phone Lead Industry Email List The shopping basket that consumers want

The shopping basket that consumers want

Saving in the shopping basket has become an almost priority objective for Spanish consumers due to the inflation that we are experiencing in the food sector, which is already above 10%. The main consequence of this has been a high increase in the cost of the shopping basket that, inevitably, the majority of consumers have noticed in recent months, as recognized by more than 60% of those surveyed who participated in the Barometer . Ofertia shopping basket , Mediapost ‘s web and mobile local shopping information platform , in which more than 500 users of the application have participated.

what can consumers do to purchase their ideal shopping basket and save

Therefore, it seems that this increase in industry email list the products that make up the shopping basket will have an almost direct consequence on consumer behavior, as 93% of them recognize : their purchasing decisions will be affected, considering doing away with certain products that they They are not so healthy. Almost 6 in 10 would choose to avoid purchasing processed products, followed by canned goods (38%) and cleaning supplies (29%). A decision that is in line with the response of Spanish consumers who assure that their basic weekly shopping basket cannot lack fresh products such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables (92%), dairy products and eggs (83%) and of course, oil (63%).

What is the price for which they purchased

Given these data, it seems inevitable to Phone Lead recognize that consumer habits are changing. Not only the quality of the products matters, but their prices also come into play and, above all, the type of item or product that you consider, or not, essential to purchase. Therefore, it seems clear what the next question that brands should ask themselves is: what can consumers do to purchase their ideal shopping basket and save? The answer seems to be to opt for a smart purchase in which apps like Ofertia play an important role. Key tools for detecting offers in an easy, comfortable and simple way, which make it easier for consumers to avoid, as much as possible, inflation in food prices.

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