McDonald’s creates a law firm to bring to justice French fry thieves

McDonald’s creates whenever there are McDonald’s fries nearby, there are unfortunately many lovers of other people’s food , who cannot help but dig their sharp claws into such tasty food (even though it is not theirs and they have not paid for it). French fry thefts are precisely the focus of a new McDonald’s campaign in the United Kingdom. In order to put a stop to fries thieves, the brand with the yellow arches has come up with a fictitious legal firm that gives McDonald’s fans the opportunity to report the thefts of which they have been victims.

The campaign includes a video in which the firm "Fries Claims"

Dubbed “Fries Claims”, this law firm took category email list over the account of McDonald’s British subsidiary on Twitter ( @McDonaldsUK ) for 24 hours to encourage fans of the fast food chain to seek legal advice and obtain compensation for the fries that they have toiled throughout their lives. During the day in which “Fries Claims” took the reins of @McDonaldsUK, a lawyer from the fake firm responded to victims’ queries in real time and presented them with discount vouchers to compensate them for the damage caused by the theft of fries.

Millions of McDonald's fries are stolen every day

Beyond activation on Twitter, the Phone Lead campaign also includes advertisements placed in the press and on outdoor advertising media that deliberately mimic the characteristic tone and look of law firm advertising. «’Fries Claims’ is a playful campaign that sheds light on those little rituals that we all develop in the heat of McDonald’s. Stealing fries is a universal experience in which we can all feel reflected,” explains Louise Page, head of consumer communications & partnerships at McDonald’s in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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