Reviews and ratings

We’re almost done! Well, this post, because there is still a lot left in our relationship. Or at least I hope so! We can only talk about the reviews and ratings. In reality, if you stop to think about it, reviews are like comments but they are more associated with products sold on Amazon or applications or podcasts from the Android or iTunes stores. TRUE? In those cases, it is like a combination of the numerical and the testimonial part . As a general rule. When someone rates a product or an App, in addition to rating it on a satisfaction scale (which is . Usually 5 stars), they leave a comment with their opinion.

The difference is that an average of all the ratings

Well, this is not part of the base of WordPress (and almost no Blogging system) so we will have to resort to the infinite and fantastic world of plugins: Wp-PostRatings . This plugin allows you to add a comfortable category email list rating system to your posts, being able to choose the type of icons (for stars, for traffic lights, for numbers, for bears, for your neighbor’s smiley faces, etc.), the range (1-5 , 1-10, etc.) and other options. It works with Ajax so it is quite fast although, as a con, you have to edit the .php files of your theme for the reviews to be displayed. Ah! And it is compatible with “Google stars”.


With this plugin we see, once again, economy and comfort facing each other. On the one hand. We have that it is very complete, intuitive, easy to install and works really well. On the other hand, its free version has different limitations, among which is its compatibility with “Google’s little Phone Lead stars.” As you can see, in both of them I have made reference to “the little stars of Google” . You know what I mean? I am referring to the rating stars that accompany the . Pescription of some search engine results. The impact of getting these stars to appear for your blog results is quite large since, in addition to attracting attention due to their color, they . Predispose your visitors to seeing good content (if the general rating is good). .

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