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It Much Easier to Collect Data on

Which can also reduce the possibility of having a high level of unsold inventory. Limit the number of lost samples given the frequency with which samples are shipped. Both internally and externally. It can be easy to lose track of where they end up. A common scenario that teams face is where five samples are sent to a publication. Or a retail partner. But only four are returned in time. Those who manage the samples may remember hearing from their contacts a day or a week later but. After two months. They will completely forget about it. Lost samples not only mean lost sales or pr opportunities but contribute to lost productivity and profitability.

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If delays are frequent. It could damage your relationships with them. Implementing a welldefined process helps you ensure you dont overlook details – whether its which products need to be shipped by which date. The addresses to which samples need to be returned. Etc. In this regard. A european retailer was able to satisfy 30% more product requests. Reducing the number of samples taken from the warehouse and simply coordinating sample requests more efficiently. Calendaring sample business lead reservations and tracking late returns in a timely manner allows brands to fulfill more requests and make strategic decisions. The result is higher demand for new collections.

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This means no potential sales days are lost due to production delays and more time can be spent on the launch campaign. Increase awareness thanks to media and retail partners ecommerce teams arent the only ones who depend on samples arriving on time. Retail partners. Media publications and influencers who are  Phone Lead planning their own shoots may be significantly affected by sample delays. If a sample does not reach a publication in time. Another product may be photographed as a replacement. Thus losing an editorial opportunity. Retail partners have to rearrange photo shoots. Also losing sales opportunities. Because product pages are not online in time and.

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