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Even if its not an explicit item in your marketing budget. Brands tend to think of earned media as free. But in reality. There is a cost associated with it. Think for a moment about the endorsement that a celebrity can generate. As in the case of the collaboration between zendaya and tommy hilfiger . What started as a paid project resulted in a huge level of earned media. With multiple magazines. Influencers and retail partners creating content around launch events and red carpets. The brand was able to repurpose many of these assets on its social media to strengthen their overall business impact. As there is a cost associat with these activities.

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Who base their purchasing decisions on word of mouth generated by sources they believe to be authentic and reliable. Millennials and gen z are demanding greater transparency from brands and relying on other sources to validate the true values ​​of a fashion. Luxury and beauty brand. These sources can range from friends and family to influencers you follow on social media or articles you read on fashion and beauty blogs. However. Measuring the value of earned media continues to be difficult. Brands tend to think of Business database earned media as free but. In reality. There is a cost associated with it . Says arnaud roy. Chief strategy officer at launchmetrics. Youre paying for coverage.

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We found that brands that average 515% loss of samples across their organization can lose up to $3.5m per year . Depending on product price. Brands with an average loss of 515% of their samples can lose up to $3.5m per year. Proper sample management increases visibility within the organization. Allowing teams to promptly Phone Lead  track late returns and reduce the likelihood of lost samples. As a result. All samples are best used to generate demand and maximize sales. Want to know how sample management can help you save up to $10 million a year? Learning to measure the value of earned media is becoming increasingly important. Given the increase in consumers

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