Evolution of privacy law: integrated approach

Evolution of privacy law. Integrate approach and business challenges davide rossi – 16 june 2022 privacy act data privacy is a topic that is increasingly important for all types of companies within different sectors. Through the application of data-driven logic. Information increasingly influences the adoption of targete strategies by companies. This results in stringent rules in terms of privacy law. The data must be protecte from unauthorize access both for the protection of the company and the intereste parties. Let’s delve deeper into what the correct approach should be to this delicate topic. 

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Will the new privacy of ios 15 revolutionize digital marketing. ” the current privacy legislation privacy act the most recent privacy legislation new database has. In fact. Introduce an integrate approach to the protection of sensitive data. As well as encouraging the adoption of best practices to avoid the risk of data breach. I.E. The violation of data in addition to its intentional dissemination or unintentional. As soon as the gdpr was introduce. With european value. There was a clear increase in attention to the topic of data privacy. This involve figures both internal and external to the company. From technicians to marketing personnel to specialize law firms. What we have learne over time is that. At a company level. 

An organic intervention is necessary capable of involving

The entire organization. In such a way as to involve all company functions. Thus avoiding flaws in the adoption of data protection measures Phone Lead subject to privacy legislation. The gdpr also provides. Among other things. Checks and controls following the registration of contacts. Each company. Base on a scrupulous risk assessment. Is calle upon to take measures suite to its profile. This obviously requires economic and organizational investments in order to plan the necessary interventions. Furthermore. Privacy managers must demonstrate that they have chosen and implemente ‘adequate’ measures to address the risk of data breach according to the principle of accountability. Adv online privacy and the future. Challenges for companies privacy act the organizational review and individual internal processes are part of the challenges that the gdpr imposes for the future of companies. 

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