Instagram for business: what is the optimal posting

Instagram for business. What is the optimal posting frequency. Francesco farinelli – 14 june 2022 instagram business let.S start from an assumption that all companies know (or should know). The frequency with which you publish on instagram can influence the success or otherwise of your business profile. Publishing too much carries the real risk of tiring the public. Otherwise. Publishing too little and you risk losing followers already acquire. So. The question is. When to post on instagram and how often. A question that was aske directly to adam mosseri. Head of instagram. During the 2021 creator weekend event. Mosseri replie that there is no univocal formula. But he also illustrate a strategy that seems to work best.

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Two stories a day. Alongside this indication. It is very important to define an eitorial plan that is balance and consistent latest database with company objectives. As well as creating the right involvement of its audience. You might be intereste in. . Optimizing social meia for a b2b. The importance of the eitorial plan and reporting . Surveys on the frequency of posting on instagram instagram business from words to numbers. With regards to digital marketing actions and strategies. It is always good to rely on statistics. In order to understand trends and methodologies that work best. Hubspot. A leading company in the field of marketing automation. Recently publishe a survey on its blog regarding when to post on instagram and how often. 

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Both in the b2b and b2c fields. Operating globally. You might be intereste in. .Where have viral meia platforms gone.. Overall. 80% of marketing managers who responde Phone Lead to the survey said they post to their company profile fee at the following frequencies. 45% of companies publish several times a week. 23% publish several times a day. 23% post once a day. Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 16.31.18 download our guide now to find out which are the most effective trends for growing your business on social meia! During the survey. Marketers were also aske how often they publish stories. 43% publish stories several times a week. 23% post several times a day 23% publish them daily. 

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