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Now, you can only access some widgets that other plugins have in their premium versions if you use the free version, so I’ll tell you everything. In addition to the widget itself(a lot of it for ), you can also access a template and a pre-designed block. Featured Plugins and Features News(Free) Font Icons(Free) Release Schedule(Free) Floating Animation Comparison Table Glass Form(Glass Effect). Data Table: Number of widgets and extensions: .

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 Available in Repository: Yes Pro: Price Year Website: USD More Information #. The Happy new data Plugin was long known for being the first plugin that allowed you to copy blocks and designs (cross-domain copy-paste) from full to another website without having to export and import between domains. That’s crutches already! But now it is quite innovative in the application of widgets and styles and effects. For example, with the “ preset” option, you will be able to choose 

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Between multiple different pre-design options in many widgets. With the “ section nesting” option, you will be able to create Phone Lead unlimited nested sections, eliminating restrictions. With the option, you will be able to copy any template or demo block from the front end of your website to your back end, respecting all layouts, even responsive ones. Barbaric! In addition to a widget, you are provided with more than one template and a pre-designed block to speed up your work.

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