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 Featured plugins and features Double button Data Table Advanced Title Advanced Tab Picture Hover Box Scroll Image Data Table: Number of widgets and effects:. Available in Repository: Yes Pro: Price Year Website: USD More Information #. Mega is an add-on that, while not one of the best, has some interesting widgets. The developers are the same, the latter being the well-known store builders that work with them.

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There are also blocks and a pre-designed template. Featured plug-ins and features new database Customized carousels Sales notifications Image alignment Image magnifier Data table: Number of widgets and extensions: Available in the repository: Yes Pro: Price year Website: More information Web hosting company #. Plugin is an add-on with free and paid options. The free version has some basic widgets, 

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But in the paid version you can find very interesting things, such as grids and carousels for social networks Phone Lead and video platforms. The strengths are composition and layout widgets, not “ art” widgets, although overall it is a bit abnormal. Featured plug-ins and features Accordion Switch Features Postal Blocks Responsive Tabs Data Sheets: Number of widgets and extensions: . Style: Available in the repository: Yes Pro: Price year Website: More Information #Ene.

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