The privilege of learning many things

Just these Stuff eventually comes back to humans – whether they want to limit themselves or not. Therefore, in 2020, Ichsan came  At the time, he was interested in learning basic programming as a machine learning developer. Until 2021, with the development of technology, Ichsan also returned to skill improvement through the IDCamp scholarship. This time, he chose the learning path of a multi-platform application developer. Ichsan allocated 250 hours of study time in 7 programming courses from the IDCamp scholarship for 3 consecutive years. He also received certificates of competency in all classes as proof of his programming skills for his future career. Ichsan is a unique developer who has received and successfully completed hundreds of hours.

Real developers create solutions

 Fellowship offered by IDCamp for 3 (three) consecutive years. , not assumptions Of course, becoming a true professional developer capable of creating various digital solutions cannot be achieved simply by memorizing programming theory. Theory needs to be whatsapp data implemented by directly coding practice by trying various case studies and repeating them. Achmad Ichsan did just that. Knowing his goal clearly, in his 5th semester he took the initiative to put all his knowledge into practice and try to become a freelance developer. Thanks to the skill development of various projects, Ichsan successfully participated in several software .

Development projects during about

Semesters of freelancing. The portfolio is also getting better. What’s also exciting is that he also managed to pocket the Indonesian rupiah even though he was still in college! Of course, having extra income is every student’s dream, right?What is the Metaverse? This is our discussion of the Metaverse. Well, this virtual world is quite interesting, isn’t it? Metaverse is a 3D virtual Phone Lead world created using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, aiming to be a communication platform so that every user can work and play in this virtual world. At the end of the day’s sharing, Ichsan said during the trip: “Great dreams always start with a small step. As long as we persevere, our efforts can bring great results.” Achmad Ichsa.

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