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It is important that the privacy policy is always up to date. The very process of updating the privacy policy can be daunting. The administrator should keep abreast of the ever-changing regulations and update the rules frequently to ensure that they are being followd. What should be includd in the privacy policy (sample information): designation of the Personal Data Administrator; information on the processing of personal data Purposes of data processing.

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Newsletter Contact form marketing; Online shop; Running social networks legal basis for data processing; data sources; data recipients; Information on data transfer outside the European Economic Area; Information on whatsapp mobile number list profiling; Rights of data subjects; Types of cookies; Cookie settings management. The above list is indicative and cannot be assumd to be applicable to every site. The Personal Data Administrator should each time analyze before maintaining or updating the privacy policy what mechanisms have been implementd on the website or what functionalities have been addd or removd.

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The prepard document should reliably reflect the website in order to provide all information in a clear and transparent manner. You Phone Lead should also not forget about the information on how to manage consents to cookies. According to the chosen form of management, it should be describd in detail in the privacy policy so that the user can make changes at any time. It is a good practice to provide a link to the mechanism where we can modify the consents given. The cookie policy should also be mentiond.

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