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 From the IDCamp program in the following articles: The story of Son of the Islands’ overseas development career 3 tips for Indonesian digital talent to go global 3 Pro Skills for a Unicorn Career What are hard skills? Why is it so important? In the previous article, we discussed soft skills starting with their explanation, benefits, and how to develop them. Therefore, these soft skills are inseparable from hard skills. What are hard skills? Simply put, hard skills are the abilities that someone must have to do something. Now we will discuss everything related to hard skills, starting with explanations, examples, and how to develop them. Therefore, please read this article carefully so as not to leave any information behind. What are hard skills? As briefly explained, hard skills are abilities that every individual must possess in order to support the work he is doing.

In contrast to soft skills hard skills

 Can be learned through formal channels, such as going to school, college, taking courses, or tutoring. Examples of hard skills In the world of work, hard skills are required to make it easier for you to complete a job or activity. There are many skills you can learn. By having wsdata multiple skills, it will be easier for you to do something and get maximum results. So, here are some examples of hard skills you can learn and develop to broaden your horizons and become a learner: computer technology The first example is having the ability to operate computer equipment. With the rapid development of the times, everyone needs to be able to operate computers.

To complete their tasks correctly

However, there are specific positions that require you to know and understand specific computer skills, such as writing lines of code or developing applications. If you want to learn and master programming skills, you can study at Decoding Academy. There are various Phone Lead materials available, from cloud computing to Android to iOS. What are you waiting for? Check out the materials and register for classes now. design The second is design ability. The more developed the world becomes today, the more design skills are needed and must be possessed by everyone working in the creative field. Current design activities are not just about drawing or making animations. 

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