Where to Check the Age of a Domain Depending

Domain age is a value that is certainly worth taking into account when planning optimization and positioning. It’s about the background you start with.

Don’t be afraid of new, young domains. For Google, their age is only a guide, not a primary ranking factor. Regardless, you must remember that building a domain’s history is a process as long-lasting as SEO , requiring skills and knowledge, and most importantly a broad perspective on this issue.

In this respect, the link profile assigned to a given domain is much more important. Therefore, it is common to buy domains with a long history that have accumulated many valuable backlinks.

You Already Know That the Link Profile is Important for the

However, you should be careful because it may turn out that the previous owner was subject to bans or filters that reduce the value of the entire domain in the eyes of Google.

So the question arises about the domain age Whatsapp Data value. An older domain with a long history may receive a higher Page Authority score because it indicates its continued existence on the web and its visibility.

It is also much easier to plan an SEO strategy for such a domain, especially in terms of keyword matching. On the other hand, a rich history can prove to be a hindrance, especially if the site has had many errors.

Many Specialists Still Wonder Whether Domain Age

Therefore, optimizing a new domain is a bit more demanding, because it is primarily about Phone Lead creating a history that will allow you to become an authority on the network for both users and web crawlers.

However, a young domain is less problematic because activities are carried out on it anew. It’s like a blank slate. It is also worth mentioning the so-called.

Fresh Site Bonus, a bonus for newly created domains that allows you to appear for a while in a very high position in the SERPs. With the right background, you can use this element to start SEO activities.

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