What is Domain Age and is It Important in the

There has been a long discussion on the Internet about domains in the context of website positioning. Are you also wondering whether it is better to choose a domain with a long history or one that is just starting to create it?

We will try to dispel some of your doubts. You’ll learn where to check the age of a domain and whether age is really just a number.

A domain is a unique, user-friendly address that allows the user to find resources on the Internet. It consists of three basic elements: protocol, domain name and extension. The domain name and selected extensions influence the website’s positioning on the Internet, as well as building brand awareness.

Each domain has its own “life” cycle, which varies depending on its type the situation is different in the case of local and international domains.

Domain Expiration When Talking About the Domain

It’s about the time from the moment of registration to the time of returning to the pool of free domains. The domain age is the period of operation of the domain since its first registration.

Many specialists still wonder whether domain age is one of the ranking Whatsapp Number List factors that influence a website’s position in search results. However, Google leaves no doubt about this.

Age is determined based on historical data from the index and data in the WHOIS database. However, he emphasizes that this is a technical element – difficult to obtain, but does not directly determine the position. The key word is “directly” because it means that, to some extent, age affects the entire optimization and positioning process.

Old or New Domain So the Question Arises

Therefore, optimizing a new domain is a bit more demanding, because it is primarily about creating a history that will allow you to become an authority on the network for both users and web crawlers.

However, a young domain is less problematic because activities are Phone Lead carried out on it anew. It’s like a blank slate. It is also worth mentioning the so-called.

Fresh Site Bonus a bonus for newly created domains that allows you to appear for a while in a very high position in the SERPs. With the right background, you can use this element to start SEO activities.

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