The use of specific landing pages is recommended

When to invest: The use of specific landing pages is recommended when there is a campaign aimed at a specific segmentation, whether based on audience, product, region, interest, among others. The origin of visits does not necessarily have to be sponsored links, but can also come from social media strategies, email marketing, offline media, etc. In other words, keep your website as a macro channel, your central point of contact. But if your company wants to optimize conversions, consider having landing pages to talk surgically with your audience. 2.4.

Clearly indicate whether your investment

 How to measure the result: Measuring landing pages is relatively simple, as the goal is usually conversion. Primary indicators can be: total conversions; conversion rate; cost per conversion (pulling the cost of generating traffic). Such numbers will clearly indicate whether your investment in landing pages is positive or negative. 3. CRO (Conversion Optimization) CRO (Conversion Optimization) 3.1. What is it: CRO is the acronym for new data  conversion rate optimization. Or, in literal translation, conversion rate optimization. This discipline comes in after your website already has a considerable volume of visit.

In other words the CRO team initially

And now your company needs to focus on converting this traffic. CRO usually involves understanding what the public really wants on a page, and adapting it to direct the user towards conversion. This is done primarily in an analytical, data-based way. In other words, the CRO team initially collects information from your website and then understands how it can be improved to increase results. Some common CRO tools are: a/b testing; heat maps; user surveys; measuring  Phone Lead tools. 3.2. What is the objective: What is expected from CRO is very simple: increase the conversion rate on a website or landing page. In practice, if you receive.

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