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The creation of buyer personas must be bas on real data or real customer research that is available from the companys customers. Interviews with the companys own salespeople. customer feback and surveys are also a good way to determine buyer personas. The single most important question in defining buyer personas is Why. Why do customers behave in a certain way at different stages of the buying process The text and structure of the ad There are many ways to stand out in paid advertising on social mia.

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one of which is to text. Great ways to stand out are also the use of videos in advertising. as well as the brand look. You can read more about these on our blogs Social business email list advertising video strategy – why does social mia live on videos and Brand appearance as a distinguishing factor – this is how you make your competitive advantage visible . But what should be said in the text of the ad to get people talking about your dream customer Its good to have the basic formula in hand before you start going crazy with the texts.

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So you should things. Who is your product or service aim at What do you offer Why would Phone Lead the customer choose you Include the differentiating factors as part of your advertising text. especially in point three Why would the customer choose you How are you different from the competition What do you do better than others In addition. as soon as possible at the beginning of the advertising text. remember to talk about the customers nes. or the issues that your service/product solves.

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