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Also remember your buyer persona. i.e. your ideal customer. and talk to them. because then your message will best reach the right people. Sample ad UniqAir manufactures air purifiers for home use and companies. which differ from other similar devices in terms of test results. i.e. measurements by VTT and the Institute of Occupational Health. and filtration technology. Read the ad in the attach picture.

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and lets think well in spring and creates business lead in the reader of the ad the ne to investigate the matter more deeply. If the ad is taken apart. its text begins with a relatable sentence that draws peoples attention Kappas. even in our cottage. the smell always sticks to the clothes!. After this. a solution to this problem is given and the product. i.e. the Uniq air purifier. is present.

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Finally. since it is an ACT phase ad according to our MRACE® marketing model. the potential customer is Phone Lead direct to read a the matter. which reinforces the ne for an air purifier. In addition. the title of the advertisement at the bottom Kesämök indoor air odor-free with UniqAir tells the problem and the solution to the problem in one sentence. and gets exactly the right people interest in the product. MRACE® sales funnel and advertising texts

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