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 However, this add-on puts a lot of load, so I suggest you enable it during a quiet time and check the links and then uninstall the add-on. Use 2-4 times a year. ^ Back to top 9. Marketing Many bloggers are afraid of marketing. The assumption is that when blog posts are shared on social media, that’s enough. But the fact is that there are a lot of blogs and you have to do it in a different way than just sharing posts on social media. Marketing is 80% of the whole job. 20% is writing posts, making publications and scheduling them on social media. However, most bloggers do just the opposite. with almost zero budget. I say almost, because for just 5 euros a day for a few days you can achieve great results. I wrote a blog post for entrepreneurs , 48 ​​ways to promote business when it’s quiet . In the list, you will also find a lot of ideas that you can use in marketing your blog, even if you don’t have a business.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amen, consectetur adipiscing alit. UT alit Tellus, lotus neck ullamcorper mattes, pulvinar dap bus Leo. The payment new database for add-ons is usually a one-time payment.   that the more add-ons you use, the heavier the blog becomes.  unused add-ons as soon as possible.  A few add-ons to consider: Social media sharing buttons (e.g. Shareaholic or Summer . com ) Google Analytics (not really an add-on that you can download, but an analysis tool that you should use) Kismet. It is a  from entering your blog. It’s good to have it, if there is a commenting option on your blog. ClickToTweet. This plugin allows you to make ready-made tweets for your blog. Yoast. This plugin will greatly help you optimize your content for search engines (i.e. Google). The add-on analyzes the content and gives you “traffic lights” according to what kind of corrections or improvements to the content it is good to make. Backup plugin, e.g. Backup. Image Shrinking add-on, eg Sushi. Checking for broken links, e.g. Broken Link Checker.

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Image editor Professional tips and reminders: Reduce the images to the correct image size before uploading them to the blog. Large images put a strain on the server and the loading of the blog post slows down. Save the images as a post name before uploading them to the blog. In Phone Lead this way, you also ensure search engine visibility for images. Don’t name pictures with slang. name of the image contains gibberish. ^ Back to top 8. Add-ons, plugins and widgets While building a blog, you will come across great features and add-ons to brighten up the look and usability of the blog. Depending on which platform your blog is on, some add-ons are free and some can cost up to a few hundred euros.

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