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When the amount of unemployment allowance is precisely defined and part-time work can only be done for 300 euros, bloggers have to carefully consider what kind of income they can get by blogging. Among other things, earning income with affiliate marketing is effortless, because the income comes to the account after several months. Acquiring a regular monthly income of 300 euros takes 3-12 months (depending on activity, products, number of readers and strategy). In some situations, affiliate income can also be credited to your account only 2 times a year. When you acquire affiliate income for 6 months, if implemented correctly, it can be even greater than one month’s unemployment allowance.

How do bloggers actually make

Awesome Additional resources: Facebook marketing –> Karolina Bahm 48 ways to promote business when it’s quiet 6 types of articles to help you get more customers ^ Back to top 10. Earning of Income Okay, now let’s get to the fun part!  money? In reality, I have identified 21 ways to earn income from blogging. In Finland, the most famous of them are: banners affiliate new data marketing In 2016, I earned €850.00 in 6 months with affiliate marketing, although I didn’t even use all the potential for it. That’s almost €150.00 per month. I have noticed that a large part of bloggers are afraid of making money. This is probably due to the fact that some of the bloggers are unemployed, on parental leave or sick leave.

Even though the instant exit percentage

 Marketing works according to the “interest for interest principle”. This means that in the beginning, even if you market your blog everywhere, visitors will come in drops. This is normal and is purely because you are not known yet. That’s why systematicity, consistency and persistence are key in marketing a blog. So there is no need to expect overnight Phone Lead success. Share posts on Facebook also to groups other than bloggers. When problems and challenges are discussed in Facebook groups, write posts that solve them. This way, you will catch people’s interest very quickly. I used Facebook ads for this blog post for 105.00 euros. The result is 2,500 organic visitors and 8,000 paid visitors.  increased momentarily, I gained a lot of visibility for my blog. Some of the new visitors remained permanent readers.

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