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This is already happening in the world: Bhutan is a country that has prioritiz the promotion of the happiness of its inhabitants, making it a state policy; It has even design the Gross National Happiness (GNH) index that complements the economic indicator of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which has l to a series of initiatives at the public level that seek to strengthen the well-being of the population (World Organization of Health, 2015). However, making improvements in the social context will not be enough. Previous research has identifi that while the social context plays an important role in our happiness, genetic and psychological factors play an even more important role .

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 In this way, when it comes to explaining happiness, 50% is determin by the genetic factor, while the psychological factor explains 40% of this phenomenon, leaving only 10% to the social context (Lyubomirsky, 2017). Thus, managing happiness is an even more challenging challenge  for everyone. And to achieve this objective we will have to b2b leads integrate both public and private efforts, as well as non-profit organizations. This situation will be of multi-sector benefit. Research shows this: happier workers show better results : greater performance inside and outside of the role, greater customer satisfaction, greater openness to change and innovation, greater work engagement and healthier collaborators;

At the same time, happiness contributes to rucing the rate of anti-productive behaviors, interpersonal conflicts, emotional exhaustion, absenteeism and turnover , among other results (Lyubomirsky, King, L., 2005). In short, this brief analysis prompts some modest reflections, among them: Discard that the approach to happiness is a fad . Happiness is a legitimate Phone Lead right of people, investigat for centuries by multiple disciplines and which has consequently proven to be a catalyst for multiple favorable effects for society. It is necessary to prepare for a change within our management approach . If we aim to strengthen the happiness of our population, we will have to be prepar to lead this change.

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