Phone Lead Latest Mailing Database Big Brands In The Market 5 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Big Brands In The Market 5 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

If you have seen the latest Facebook and Bain & Company surveys, it would be wise to start your plan on how to penetrate the 350 million online shoppers in Southeast Asia via the Southeast Asian online marketplace.

Currently, Shopee of Sea Ltd. is Southeast Asia’s leading online marketplace with 343 million visits per month (and growing as it expands into South America). Followed by Lazada from Alibaba with 100 million active users.[*]

If you are new to the online retail space, you will want to take advantage of Shopee and Lazada’s payments and logistics infrastructure. As it is now.

If you have ventured into online eCommerce, let me tell you one thing:

Multi-vendor marketplace platforms are a whole different level.

Shoppers have thousands of choices ranging from popular categories such as Electronics and Fashion to rare items such as high-value plants and unique products.

Actually, the competition is fierce between sellers

In addition, the market also needs to Latest Mailing Database market its own business. As such, they have various policies in place to ensure a balance between the market and the sellers.

This means that competition is cutthroat, requiring a different approach to sell successfully on this platform.

But worry not because we show you common mistakes that you can avoid when you start selling on Lazada and Shopee.

Do not participate in market campaigns

Latest Mailing Database

Who sells doesn’t really matter in the market. The only thing that stands out is the product and the market itself.

As a brand, how do you proceed with this?

Lazada, Shopee and almost every multi-vendor have campaigns and promos to increase their presence in the region.

They are equipped with various tools such as promotions. Engagement strategies and other marketing tools to help sellers maximize sales using their platform.

Here are the most successful Lazada and Shopee campaigns:

Flexi Combo – This is a “Buy More, Save More” promotional tool where the seller can set different discount levels or provide gifts/samples Phone Lead when the customer meets the criteria set by the seller.
Promo Package – This tool has 4 types:
Quantity: Buy X same items, get Y discount on each item
Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Buy X same item, get 1 same item free
Combo: buy 1 x main product with Y% discount, get 1 combo product with Z .

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