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The examples often surprise even seasone businessmen who have never thought about this kind of competition for the attention of customers before. It’s about goods, services or activities that the customer can spend money on instead of doing it at your place . To define what indirect competition means to you, it is worth doing a marketing audit first . It takes more than just one industry to identify your less obvious competitors. A marketing strategist who investigates what your customers can spend their money on must be aware of the broad social or political context.

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It may turn out that your clients’ expenses are affecte by the macroeconomic situation. These can be crisis, war, trends, social movements and moral changes. Issues you didn’t even think about when analyzing your narrow slice of the Latest Mailing Database industry. We recommend How to plan online marketing? Online marketing Indirect competition – examples Indirect competition was once describe as an example by one of the directors of CNN television. Jonathan Klein said he was more worrie about Facebook’s billion users than Fox News’ two million viewers. That’s right – information can be obtaine from the newspaper, television or social meia.

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Who starts spending a lot of time on the Internet, can give up watching TV altogether. Then the offer of this or that channel will no longer matter to him. Are you operating in a competitive market? Don’t let your business disappear in the crowd. we will help. Enter Phone Lead your e-mail, we will contact you This illustrates what indirect competition is . Examples can be multiplie, and sometimes they are phenomena or goods – it would seem – distant, and even opposite to what you offer. A person who goes to a bar for a drink may be doing something else instead. He can drink beer at home, start reaching for freshly squeeze juices and quit alcohol, join the gym, meet friends for paintball instead of at the pub.

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