Why Google Advises to Share Content According to “Search Intent”?

“Listen Marcin, we have this little business of ours and we would like to reach new customers. Preferably those who will buy right away. How to reach them quickly?”. This question has been coming up more and more since more and more brick-and-mortar businesses have moved online.

In such situations, I prefer to be honest to the bone: you can’t do it quickly.

Considering that millions of new content are uploaded to the Internet every minute, the fight for the attention of recipients is not an easy task. Every online business wants to reach customers who will buy. This makes competition very high in most cases.

However, there are strategies that will make it much easier for you to compete with companies that have been operating on the market for a long time.

First, think about who is the most important marketing persona for your company. Put simply, who is your ideal customer? The more you know about him, the easier it will be for you to understand him and meet his needs.

In the next step, examine the customer journey , i.e. imagine the buyer’s journey. At this stage, you will find out what reservations a complete stranger, a customer interested in buying and a person who decided to buy from you again encounter.

This knowledge, in turn, will allow you to precisely match your marketing content to the needs of your client.

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These few steps above illustrate well the challenge faced by SEO specialists.

It is related to the fact that Google tries to guess the user’s intent and filters the search results to page types consistent with the identified search intent.

Depending on whether the customer is jtime to Database makeust looking for information or is already ready to buy, Google interprets intentions differently and proposes different types of results.

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Why is search intent so important?


According to Google’s guidelines, we should de Phone Lead signate a separate place on our website for purely informational content and a separate place for transactional content (e.g. product descriptions in an online store).

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