Companies should strive to make business decisions that will give them a long-term competitive advantage. Nowadays, the advantage is gaine by the one who is recognizable and more visible in the meia, especially on the Internet. Customers buy not only the product that meets their nees, but also the brand and the promise behind it. Competitiveness of an enterprise and sources of competitive advantage How to effectively build and maintain the competitiveness of an enterprise? Competitiveness of the company and the image of the company Knowlege about the competition and the competitiveness of the company Commonly.

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Competition is understood as competition between individuals or groups striving to achieve the same goal. The competitiveness of an enterprise is a determinant of which business entity is the best and whose activities follow the direction whatsapp mobile number list desire by customers. It is the ability to stay on the market and the ability to oppose companies offering a similar offer. Competitiveness of an enterprise and sources of competitive advantage An entrepreneur, trying to distinguish his offer, must do something that in the eyes of potential customers seems different and better.

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Getting to know the sources of competitive advantage.  That will ensure the creation of specific values ​​is a key element of the company’s operation. And the knowlege of what is the reason for the success of some companies and what is the reason Phone Lead for the failure of others should be a basic nee of every organization. The strength of your company is not only the offer offere to customers and shaping your position on the market. First of all, it is the available resources. Human, financial, physical and skills, abilities, infrastructure and imagination, as well as personal strength, motivation, connections and determination.