Know the watchouts and workarounds

Know the watchouts But the way search engines index and assign their scores has chang and is moving more and more in the direction of content usefulness: the goal becomes centering users’ intentions and giving them what they ne. To optimize the company website, therefore, it is necessary to master the new elements of SEO: continue reading to learn the meaning of clusters, pillars and topics. SEO meaning of strategy and main terms SEO means optimization for search engines and recent algorithms go in the direction of interpreting users’ intentions, to show them only the most relevant content on the results page.

Use the customer acquisition feature

How to position the pages of your company website. The first advice is to create a blog section and update it frequently and regularly: the content wedding photo editing service strategy must aim at. The main keywords and the blog structure must be tidy. At this point, it is worth introducing the concepts of pillar pages, topics and clusters. What is a pillar page. The pillar page is a very complete and rather long page that covers all the main aspects of a topic. For example, this is the pillar page dicat to the macro-topic of SEO optimization . Each paragraph of.

Optimize your asset groups

The pillar page is dicat to a micro-topic which can be explor in greater depth via an internal link to the specific cluster. The objective of the pillars is to provide an exhaustive answer to all questions on a specific topic – which typically coincides with the most strategic keyword or long tail keyword for the company. Then also offering the possibility of delving into the topics in more detail via links to the Phone Lead clusters. New Call-to-action. How to create a pillar page The first and fundamental step is conceptual, rather. Than practical: the company website should not be built solely on keywords.

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