How to create a wordpress website in a simple and uncomplicated way

If you want to know how to create a wordpress website. First know that creating websites is not a thing of the past. Even with the growth of social networks. Having a professional website can be one of the most important pillars for your digital marketing strategy. The websites have several functionalities and can be of the most varied types, such as: blogs ; institutional website. Lead capture page; sales page of digital products and infoproducts. E-commerce; etc. So, if you want to take your business to the next level. See the article below teaching step by step how to create a wordpress site from scratch. Step 1: define your website’s niche and purpose before registering your domain. You need to define what the content or niche of your website will be. So that your domain has a direct relationship with your brand or the content of your website.

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How to choose the ideal niche market for you, we have an article to help you: how to choose a profitable niche market: 5 simple and important Canada Phone Number Data steps in addition, you need to understand what the purpose of your website is, in other words, why you want to create a website. Some of them can be: increase brand visibility; run ads on facebook ads or google ads; capture leads for your business; carry out sales of infoproducts; virtual store; forum; news site; content blog; etc. 2nd step: choose and register your domain after defining what the content of your website will be, you are ready to register your domain. However, finding a good available domain can be a bit of a daunting task. The best options you have are to register your business name, or use your own name on the domain.

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My recommendation is that you register both, because if you leave one of the two domains available, it may be registered by a competitor or some business with a similar name. In addition, having both extensions registered, you guarantee that if any visitor types wrongly he will be redirected to the correct url. To buy your domain you can choose to buy it together with your hosting if it Phone Lead has this option (some hosting companies offer 1 year of free domain when you buy 1 year of hosting), or register on sites like: registration ; godaddy; napoleon; etc; step 3: choose a hosting service for your wordpress site just registering a domain is not enough to create a website, because in addition to the domain (address) where your website will be accessed.


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