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Here are the key areas you should add your target keyword (as naturally as possible) to your YouTube video. This example from content streaming colossus, Netflix, is a masterclass in how to optimize your YouTube content for a specific key term and promote a relevant service or product to a potentially captive target audience.


Below the title, you’ll see a line of copy with the key term vacation rentals added seamlessly to the content. This is a section where you can elaborate on your title and tell viewers why they should watch your content.

Tags: When you upload your YouTube video, you can add relevant tags that represent your video’s theme or content. Here, you should always add your target term as well as similar variations (as long as they are relevant to what you’re offering). special data setup means you leverage the platform your online store is hoste on to integrate your product information with your merchant center. You will typically have access to this if your store is on shopify. Bigcommerce. Or magento. Simply follow your platform’s instructions to make this happen. Manual set-up requires you to enter all your product data through a file such as a spreadsheet. In your merchant center. Select products > fees. Then click the plus sign and follow instructions.

Once you have considered

Once you have considered which types of general key terms you would punch into the search bar to find your video content, you can start experimenting. You can check out the 5 steps to keyword research if you need help finding the right ones. When you start to type a query into youTube’s search bar, a selection of suggested popular searches will appear (a lot like Google). From here, you can find inspiration for your content’s target keyword.

include Phone Lead you nee to fill out and instructions on how to do so: a quick-start guide to google shopping the following is the most essential information that is part of a well-optimize product fee: id: your product’s unique identifier title: your product’s name description: your product’s description link: your product’s landing page image link: the url of your product’s main image availability: your product’s availability price: your product’s price shipping cost.

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