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If you manage multiple facebook or instagram assets such as facebook pages. Ad accounts. Or apps for your business. Then having one central platform helps keep everything organiz. You work with external vendors: do you work with a marketing agency or freelance social mia manager to help create. Run. Or manage your facebook pages or ads? Meta business manager makes it easy to give access to external team members while ensuring you and your business maintain ownership of all your assets.If you find yourself in one of these situations. Let’s go over how to set up your meta business manager account. How to set up meta business manager in 10 steps before you create your meta business manager account. It’s important to note a couple of requirements.

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You must have a personal facebook account to create a facebook business manager account. Your personal account is us to log in and confirm your identity. You can only create up to two business manager accounts. Now that those steps are squar away. Let’s go over the steps to set up your meta business manager account. 

Step Create your business manager business database account. Go to You can log into your facebook or instagram account or create a new account. The first screen at asks you to log in using facebook or instagram and explains what a business manager account will allow you to do: oversee your pages. Accounts. And business assets; create and manage ads.

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Track your performance. To create your business account in business manager. Enter your business and account name. You’ll also ne to add your name and business email to verify the account. Hit submit to create your account. When you create your business account in business manager. You must enter your business and account name. 

Your name. And your business email. Check Phone Lead your email for a message with the subject line “confirm your business email.” within the message. Click confirm now. Once you’ve confirm your account. It’s time to add your business details. This information includes your business’s legal name. Address. Phone number. And website. When creating your business in business manager. You will have to fill out the following fields: legal business name. Country. Address. Business phone number.

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