Necessary for doctors in their daily work

Necessary for doctors includes investments in waste management, waste recycling and consumption reduction. Investment subsidies in this area include. For example: Green investments in SMEs – Economic transformation – FE for Lower Silesia. Implementation, investments, advisory support for circular economy – Circular economy – FE for Małopolska. Investments in products or business processes, development of innovation. The offer of regional programs also includes activities for the implementation of investment projects. In the areas of implementing process or product innovations.

Includes products for  as well 

The aim of which is improve products or new products. In enterprises or similarly improve business processes or new business processes. Such investments Photo Retouching under the regional operational program are aim at increasing the competitiveness of companies. Especially those from less develop areas. Therefore, part of the subsidy from the regional operational program of a given voivodeship may be intend for the western or eastern regions, or limit only to a few poviats. Investments for entrepreneurs in business process.

Equipping offices and operating Necessary for doctors

Innovations or product innovations can be implement through activities such as: Enterprise investments in the SSW area – Support for innovative enterprise investments – FE for Western Pomerania Implementing innovations – FE for. Investments Phone Lead in initial business activity Co-financing for initial investment is offer, for example, by: Investments in SMEs – Economic transformation – FE for Lower Silesia Investments in R&D infrastructure EU subsidies for business development also cover research and development projects. To start such activities, assistance for entrepreneurs is organize as part of investments in R&D infrastructure.

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