Google Classroom guide how to log in and how it works step by step

In this article you will see what Google Classroom is and how it works , Google’s free tool to manage classes in the educational field. As well as download and enter the platform if you are a teacher or student. Google Classroom is on its way to becoming the definitive tool for teachers and trainers around the planet. And the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has set out to create a complete platform where teachers can carry out their work in a simple way and at zero cost, following what has already become its usual line. If you want to know what Google Classroom is for and how it works , you will find out in this guide.

As is the case with most Google tools

Google Classromm is used to create and manage online classes, assignments category email list and  grades . It also allows you to add materials to tasks, such as YouTube videos, Google Forms surveys , and other elements from Google Drive. As well as, sending direct and real-time comments between teachers and students, which helps organize and improve communication between them. This platform works like a social network, in which we will have a wall or board on which to post messages, and another on which we can add tasks for students.

At this point we are going to see how

The first thing is to download Google Classroom Phone Lead from your mobile app manager. Open the app and select the account you want to log in with. Indicate if you will use Classroom in an educational center with students. Start using your account. The Google Classroom app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Now that you know how to download and log in to Google Classroom, let’s see how the platform works. 

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