Conformation Bias Can We Challenge Our

Challenge beliefHow do our beliefs come about?

If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to trust and rely on years of life experience and the information you already have.

But many are not aware that in reality, we are all exposed to a complicated problem known as confirmation bias . (biased view)

Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to seek out and favor

Information that confirms our beliefs, while Whatsapp Mobile Number List simultaneously ignoring information that contradicts our beliefs.
We tend to imagine that our beliefs all along are rational , logical and accurate.

But the fact is, it’s just our ideas that are built based on the information that supports our beliefs all this time.

And ignore information that contradicts our existing beliefs.

belief in hudud

As an example:

Individual A believes that hudud law is a very important issue to raise.

Therefore they only search and read materials related to implementation, arguments from the Quran and how effective this law is in reducing crime drastically and practically.

As a result, individual A continues to believe and is increasingly sure of what he has held so far.

Meanwhile individual B does not believe hudud law is a serious issue to raise

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They are only looking for arguments and reading Phone Lead materials that discuss why hudud law is not suitable for implementation, why the scholars have been wrong in this regard, and voice other issues that are said to be more important such as economic stability.

As a result, individual B continues to believe and increasingly supports what he has believed all along. For him, this is a more important jihad.

We can see how much confidence is held by these two parties until there is a split in the country’s political landscape.

People see what they want to see, hear what they like.

Changing thoughts is more difficult than we think.

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