how to dial uk from us

The Final Stretch: Dialing the Phone Number: Finally, dial the remaining phone number. Landline phone numbers in the UK usually have eight digits, while mobile numbers have nine digits.

Dialling Across the Atlantic: Your Guide to Calling the UK from the US

Planning a trip to the UK or need to connect with someone there? Making a call from the US to the UK is easier than you might think! This guide will walk you through the steps and ensure your international call connects smoothly.

Gear Up for Your Call: Understanding Dialing Codes

Every country has a unique dialing code that identifies it on the international phone network. The UK’s code is 44. When calling the UK from the US, you’ll need to use this code along with a few other things.

Stateside to Britain: A Step-by-Step Dialing Process

Here’s how to place your call:

Exit the Ordinary: Initiate the call by dialing the US exit code, which is 011. This tells your phone carrier you’re placing an international call.
Reach for the 44: After the exit code, enter the UK country code, which is 44.
Area Code Essentials: Following the country code, dial the UK area code. Area codes in the UK typically range from two to five digits. If the area code starts with a zero (0), omit that zero when How to Stop Instagram from Posting to Facebook in 2024 dialing internationally. For instance, the area code for London is 20, so you would dial 20 (not 020).
Top Tip: Can’t remember a specific area code? A quick web search can help you identify the correct code for the UK city or region you’re calling.

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Beyond Blighty: Special Cases to Consider

The 44 code also applies to some British Overseas Territories, such as Jersey and the Isle of Man. However, these territories have their own area codes within the 44 prefix.

Remember, the 44 code is unique to the UK. Don’t be confused by What is Domain Age and is It Important in the similar-sounding codes like +944 (Sri Lanka) or +64 (New Zealand). Double-checking the country code ensures your call reaches the intended recipient.

Calling Clever: Exploring Alternatives

While traditional phone calls work well, there are other options to consider. Many communication apps offer international calling features that can be a cost-effective way to stay connected.

So, there you have it! With this guide and the handy 44 code, you’re all set to make international calls from the US to the UK with ease. Now, get ready for a chat across the pond!

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